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Monica Eisemann

Monica Eisemann

Denver Regional Manager
Venus Med Spa


Working at Venus is such an amazing opportunity, being that I can work side by side with some of the top injecting practitioners in the country. I have been given the chance to expand my knowledge of the up and coming products and techniques. Venus stands out among other med spas because we take the time to educate and inform each person that walks through our doors. Before Venus started popping up in malls around Florida, Botox and dermal fillers were considered by many to only be available to the elite. Not everyone has the time or budget to schedule expensive, time-consuming consultations with plastic surgeons or dermatologists. We have given to the masses the chance to walk in and walk out looking and feeling 10 years younger…..all during a lunch hour.

Since I started at Venus in 2009 our company has grown from 200 clients to over 40,000 loyal and happy clients nationwide. I love being a part of a company that really does put our clients first. Our sole priority is to make our clients feel comfortable with their treatment and they do because our passion is educating people on the latest products, procedures and techniques. Clients can see our confidence and conviction, that is what makes us the best.

I began working at spas in high school and since then I have wanted to pursue a career path in this field. I started off with my degree in Business Management/Entrepreneurship and I was able to continue my education in aesthetics after the birth of my son. Here at Venus I can incorporate my managerial skills and knowledge of aesthetics to give our clients superb customer service and a skin care plan that will keep you feeling youthful inside and out. Most people consider their appearance and skin to be a very important quality and it is no different with us. We hold our clients to our highest standards and we will continue to grow and educate so everyone can have more confidence with a natural looking, youthful appearance.

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