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Svetlana Lindahl

Svetlana Lindahl

Licensed Esthetician

Svetlana Lindahl, Licensed Master Clinical Aesthetician. Starting from humble beginnings in her native Kiev, Ukraine, Svetlana took a rapid career turn from her initial graduation from the University of Finance, and attended the Aesthetic College of Kiev once discovering her fervor for medicinal skincare and everything surrounding its realm. There, in the city which she found her dormant passion, she gained the status of a Cosmetic Therapist with necessary qualifications to work throughout Europe. Upon moving to the States in the early 2000s, the succeeding fifteen years of knowledge and expertise she gained working with numerous Med Spas in the Tampa Bay area, along with dermatologists and plastic surgeons, ensure that any face she handles is in the right hands for the upper echelon of facial treatments currently available on the market. As a veteran beauty expert, Svetlana incorporates her deeply rooted cultural and educational experiences to promote her philosophy of skin care being a requisite part health care. Known for results both brisk and consistent, as well as a wealth of capacity in all of the latest trends in skincare, Svetlana combines cutting-age technology with a comfortable and confident personable approach. Some of the Master Aesthetician’s hallmarks are boosting clarity, brightness and firmness with a line diminishing deep-tissue massage, along with detoxifying lymphatic drainage: a process which exercises facial muscles and can even stave off the need for injectables. Structuring her services on the idiosyncrasies of the skin on a cellular level rather than a set menu of services, Svetlana is a big believer in technology and often multitasks different systems in a singular treatment, some of which are: Venus Viva Nano Fractional Radio Frequency skin resurfacing, micro current electric therapy, LED light therapy, and micro channeling (a fractional micro-needling device that effectively targets pigmentation and enlarged pores). The quality she exhibits most is an approachability towards the client in her genuine enthusiasm in helping them conclusively care for and thus think positively about their skin.

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